7 responses to “Took them off the autodial, 2008 version”

  1. trinnit

    I still track you in ICQ. That’s like the morse code of instant messengers. When the bombs hit ICQ will still work.

    1. cascadefailure

      You mean I’m not the only person that still uses this??? I thought my lonely little ICQ number was sitting out in space…with nobody to talk to…

      1. trinnit

        You. me and 300 porn spammers.

        1. cascadefailure


  2. manoman

    I need to clean up my IM friends list, too. I have names from 1997 when people all over the world were using ICQ. I had friends all over the world and still keep in touch with a few of them.

  3. vegemitelover

    I think I perform a similar task about every 2.75 years, the interval in which I seem to buy another laptop.

    It would be nice if the services that support the various IM accounts would publish basic statistics… maybe something that would mark all accounts that have not been used within the past two years of something.

    1. cascadefailure

      Trillian does this, kind of…If you have someone on your list that hasn’t logged in in a really long time, the colored dot (that identifies which messenger system a contact belongs to) turns into a colored donut.

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