12 responses to “Now remember, folks”

  1. mrhinelander


    I liked it when they had our three year old among the young children singing, “Were you there when they nailed him to a tree?” I prefer to think that the crowd consisted solely of three year olds.

  2. jpeace

    Star explodes halfway across universe 58 min

    CNN BREAKING NEWS: something blew up 8 billion years ago

  3. jonpants

    Having Easter in March throws off my internal Jewish calender. I was all ready to go eat some good passover food but that isn’t for another month. Jesus is finally getting his revenge.

  4. tea_cantata

    No, but this year it’s Passover that starts on 20th April, IIRC…

  5. advorpt

    I want an Easter egg! I want an Easter egg!

  6. chthonicsiren

    On the other hand, we have the 4/20 Hitler Passover…
    -a Jew

  7. poncif

    crucifixion follies


    cos everything’s funnier with a benny hill soundtrack!

  8. hyniof

    “I Don’t Care if it Rains or Freezes…”

    We oughtta:

    Just cut out the middleman and make chocolate Jesuses–or is it Jesi?


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