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  1. catamorphism

    Heee, I enjoyed this, and it in fact — and bizarrely — made me a little sad that I’ll have far fewer reasons to go to Orange County in the future.

  2. threepunchstuff

    I’ve been there all of once. The Hawaiian restaurant was terrible and some guy killed a shark on the pier.

  3. kasheri

    Thank God everyone seemed to have enough sense to be uncomfortable with/scared of the jail bait. 13=idiocy, be they male or female.

  4. jonpants

    Around here the story would go like this:

    There were some thuggish Mexicans with guns making out with 13 year olds that were pregnant while doing drugs and the police were busy writing speeding tickets.

  5. sooz

    fucking cops are always trying to snatch my crops..

    so happy st pattys day weekend, where there is a drunk stop every i dont know 500 feet.

    im being the typical orange countian and having a text conversation as i’m driving my car down beachie blvd.. I look up and see the FIVE GAZILLION CONES and put my phone down and coast from 50 or whatever to stop at 3 cops waving their flashlights at me.

    so then i got sassed for driving too fast into the drunk stop and said if they didnt want people driving the speed limit they should post signs saying so. except not nearly as friendly. what a scene

  6. Anonymous

    SOunds like the cops were paying attention to the only people doing something illegal. Last I heard, it wasn’t illegal to be a guy with a porsche who’d been to the pen, or a loitering 13 yr old at 6 pm. (let alone dressing like a thug, or partying loudly in a bar.) Bet the little girls were on meth.

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