6 responses to “A common bicyclist’s problem explained”

  1. kasheri

    It’s an addiction

    Gimme another hit off that bike there, Polly

  2. 33mhz

    That is such a parrot thing to do. Oh boy, a little nibbly thing that does something cool when I bite it! They’re generally not malicious, they just see most of the world as something to be disassembled.

  3. etb

    The resolution isn’t great, but that looks like a Schrader valve with the cap off. So I think we’ve found the real reason to keep the valve cap on…uh, assuming a parrot can’t twist the cap off on its own. Maybe that’s not a wise assumption.

  4. cascadefailure

    So THAT’S the problem! It’s all clear now.

  5. eyeteeth

    Go parrot!

  6. stimps

    This gives me way too many ideas about parrot-training fun… if I ever got a parrot.

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