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  1. burntcurtis

    We should go see them. I saw them with bub a few years ago.

    1. __procession

      who is this bub you speak of?

  2. sveltelife

    Yeah, I really like them!

    I don’t have the new album, though. I heard it, liked it, meant to get it. S’pose I still can.

    At the trivia night last Sunday, they played a Clinic song during the music round. I got it straight off. My teammates were sort of impressed. Many other people in the room seemed to not know who they were.

    I once went to LA to see them. We pulled up in front of the venue and suddenly could not find the tickets anywhere. One friend searched hard through the bag they were supposed to be in. And then another friend searched hard through the same bag. I trusted their searching skills, so didn’t dig in there myself. So we just got really bummed and then went to a tiki bar and then drove back to santa barbara. The next day they were found in that bag…

  3. maps_or_guitars

    Fine fine band. What did it for you?

  4. handstil

    They were my driving music to work at the kincaid.

  5. deadflowers

    super! i’m about to do the same.

  6. stimps

    The first time I heard them was at the Eatery. So great, even without agedashi tofu.

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