6 responses to “He also wore highwater pants or bad shorts constantly.”

  1. eyeteeth

    augh you didn’t tell me he looks like ryan stiles

  2. dreamyshade

    are you acquainted with http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/thegame and related items? they are a friend’s favorite source of ha. ok, one of his many favorite sources.

  3. nicholasjamesb

    I use speed seduction on ALL my bitches

  4. klikitak

    He’s related to BEN STEIN. And in order for him to have sex with me, his seduction method would involve mass quantities of Rohypnol.

  5. burntcurtis

    I saw him at third street about 14 years ago. He was walking around with flowers. We got him on tape talking about finding special “people” who understood him.

    In some books I read on the realm of PU artists, he was cited as being a “guru”. In the book “The Game” he is described in a less than flattering way. But then again, it’s “The Game”.

  6. anaisdjuna

    Guys are all 12!

    Je vous adore!

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