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  1. catamorphism

    If I were really sure (like the time I saw someone on 880 in San Leandro driving with a can of Budweiser in one hand, in broad daylight), I’d call if I could call safely (or tell my passenger to call if I had one.) A lot of times, I’m not sure whether it’s “drunk driver” or (say) “typical Bay Area driver”.

    1. salome_st_john

      Oh, let’s do. Let’s discuss (say) “typical Bay Area driver.”


      1. catamorphism

        Well, a lot of times when I’m driving around there, I wonder if it’s actually in fact possible to be legally blind and get a driver’s license.

        1. salome_st_john

          I’m living back in Berkeley for the next year or so, after a multiple year absence, and I too wonder the same thing.

  2. maps_or_guitars

    Assuming that I was sure the individual behind the wheel was knackered, absolutely. Good on you for that.

    And if the person were just DRIVING like they were knackered, i.e. dangerously, I might do the same, just to make them stop.

  3. tea_cantata

    I think the right thing is to turn someone in for any kind of obvious dangerous driving, even if they can explain it away later.

    1. catamorphism

      My standards for dangerous driving may be too strict, though. I mean, changing lanes without signalling is dangerous, but if I turned in everyone who did that, most driving excursions I go on I’d be spending the entire drive on the phone.

      1. tea_cantata

        I can’t think of a witty reply, so I’ll just chuckle knowingly at your comment.

        I think I wrote my previous comment a bit too hastily, though. What I think I mean is that there is some level of dangerous driving that really should be reported, just to do the right thing, whether caused by drunkenness or not.

  4. manoman

    Drunk and otherwise dangerous driving is no different than shooting off a loaded gun.

    1. firepower

      Yep. Both are violently negligent.

      I think it’s the right thing to do to turn them in. I’ve never done it myself, mostly because people do their drunk driving late and on weekends, when I’m simply eager to get home and hit the hay.

    2. jakeinhartsel

      Oh, I “shoot off” loaded guns all the time, does that make me dangerous?

      In fact it is extremly dificult to “shoot off” an unloaded gun!

  5. halfjack

    I’ll call them in drunk even if they just seem like they might be. Especially if they cut across my pedestrian right of way.

  6. handstil

    I think that NOT reporting a drunk driver is like not reporting that a guy is carrying a gun around a preschool. Yes, I’m serious.

  7. kasheri

    Kudos to you! It’s something that I absolutely think should be done, but if I get on the phone while I’m behind the wheel, then I start driving like I’m drunk.

  8. threepunchstuff

    I call the police any time I see a vehicle under the influence of Ron Paul Revolution.

    1. klikitak

      Bahaha! You would need a whole fleet in Pasadena.

  9. klikitak

    I’m a fan of getting anyone who’s dangerous and swerving off the road. Who cares if they aren’t drunk? They’re still driving like poop! Outta there~!

  10. wrecking__ball

    I told my own boyfriend I would call the cops on him if he didn’t hand over the keys once. He did, so I didn’t, but I would have. Seriously. That’s what taxis and BMX bikes are for!

  11. springheel_jack

    I hate calling the ‘authorities’, but who else would you call? Someone has to get them off the road. They’ll kill someone.

  12. nebris

    I’ll narc those fuckers in a heartbeat.


  13. planetdracula

    I’ve called the cops on a cell from the road. Fuck dying for a drunk driver.

  14. trinnit

    bonus points if you used an autopatch on an ACC Controller

    “Dialing S T POLICE”

  15. sachmet

    I have called them in and received a $100 reward for doing so.


  16. mcpino

    Nobody wash drivin’! We waz all inna back, drinkin’.

    Good for you, sir!

  17. eris_devotee

    Thank you

    You might’ve saved someone’s life. And that’s a very important might’ve.

  18. petdance

    It’s not even a question.

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