11 responses to “For the trans people on my list”

  1. eris_devotee

    I do believe that women-only drum circles (that denied transexual males) are, in large part, what inspired Radical Faeries to group together.

  2. catamorphism

    “Let me also say that I get just as angry at Female to Male transgenders. I feel, if you are a woman. You have a fucking duty to show the world just how god damned proud you are to be a woman. With the media and society and the WORLD exploting women and degreading and demeaning them, you need to as a woman show the world how strong you are. How proud you are. When you deicde that you want to become a man you are basically slapping women across the nation in the face. You are saying, I would rather die than be a woman, and it makes me sick”

    Wow. You know, I was just today thinking about the bit in my transition page where I answer the question, “Aren’t you betraying feminism by transitioning FTM?” And I was wondering, well, would anybody ever actually ask me this question other than myself? Well, now I know the answer to *that*.

    What an insecure douche. My masculinity takes away your pride in your femininity just like my gay marriage destroys your straight marriage.

  3. jamie_miller

    I had to chime in.

  4. 33mhz

    You need a vagina or at least have to know what it feels like to have one to be a women. Women are women because we can bring LIFE into this world. Women are BORN women. Women go through things that no man could possibly understand.

    Who’d have thought that defining a woman by her reproductive ability would go over so poorly in a lesbian community?

  5. daisyhunter

    This is one of those statements where I sit here stuttering, “but, but, but, but…” because there are so many counter arguments I don’t know where to begin.

  6. chthonicsiren

    As always, embarrassed to be in that community.

  7. kasheri

    Wow. That is really an impressive bit of idiocy. Just goes to show that just because you’re a minority yourself doesn’t mean that you know a thing about the issues with which other minorities might contend. Also, stupid comes in rainbow colors!

    But it’s worth reading just for this one comment: “Every decision I make is influenced by my holy, mystical vagina.” Yes!! This is going to be my new response to anyone that questions my findings at work.

  8. sooz

    she’s making up for her penis envy :P

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