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  1. auntiesiannan

    If there was pit hair, this picture would be beyond epic.

  2. fengi

    I think this might be an entirely new form of martial art.

  3. von_doom

    Reminds me of my first wife.

  4. perich


  5. judgefudge

    the dion gestalt

    If you stare at it, it appears like she is either punching you (in mid-swing) AND reeling from being punched.


  6. hebisner

    Could someone just buy that woman a sandwich? Gods Below she is skinny!

  7. klikitak

    Youtube some of her performances. She’s an agressive performer. I want her to join derby.

  8. mr_flippant

    “Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ ta fuck wit.”

  9. violet_fade

    when I look at this picture,I just want an alien to burst out of her chest.

  10. wrecking__ball

    This (and french fries with cheese curds and gravy) is why we should declare war on Canada.

  11. yoscott

    thank you for not posting the audio. i have seen this image as part of the video and it makes me want to punch her throat with razor blade knuckles.

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