6 responses to “These five little words”

  1. nosrialleon

    The sky is falling!

    1. joyfulagitator

      No, that happens when you get a cell phone.

      1. nosrialleon


        Currently planning an extended road trip in September. I spent yesterday looking at some of the areas I’ll be passing through, and I’m realizing that I will HAVE to have a cell phone.


        Also: it looks as though Sean may be moving out around the same time, and since I plan on being unemployed I’ll probably be combining services where I can (move to cable internet when I take over the cable bill, move to cell & kill land line, that sort of thing).

        I can only dig my heels in for so long…

  2. handstil

    that sounds fun. ;)

  3. miss_geek

    this is the chapter in the story where things start to get REALLY WEIRD.

  4. stimps

    I want Bob to give me Brain Therapy. I’ll either get all better or… um. Meat in the WALLS!!!

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