7 responses to “like a hole in the head!”

  1. jpeace
  2. deadflowers

    torsonial forces!

    i don’t wear a helmet but don’t give a crap if anyone else does. i just hate that in some areas The Man will fine you for not having one. my body, my choice, right?

    i’ve fallen off a bike in every possible way and have never hurt my head; it’s not difficult.

  3. handstil

    My dad is that guy. The angry nohelmeteer. He rides highway 41 and 46 without one, what an idiot.

  4. gths

    Helmets have never bothered me once they got light enough, even the sweat’s no big deal, at least if you’ve got a helmet with good ventilation the combination keeps you cool enough.

    I just wish the cyclists here would use the road like they’re supposed to, instead of the damn footpath, though most of the offenders are on BMXes which can’t ridden fast enough to mix in traffic, so, I dunno.

  5. anaisdjuna

    Darwin would be impressed, really.

    A friend of mine who got in a bike vs. motor vehicle altercation would be dead instead of in Australia with one of his GF’s if not for his helmet.

    I guess you don’t sweat when your dead either.

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