6 responses to “LA bus doors open, kicking both doors open”

  1. dreamyshade

    so cool. my little sister went to see them too, i think on the other night. i’m glad it was fun.

  2. sooz

    i also listened to them all day at work while i was slaving.

    and yay for the parking gods!

  3. planetdracula

    you make me feel proud! Mata is completely nuts, that KFK website is a complete riot – the more you read, the more you know that guy never had anybody tell him “Patrick, get over yourself.”

    Still, those original vinyl issues had, like, gorgeous full color gatefolds, drool drool

  4. electricprune

    i went both nights. amazing how live music (about hearthurt, addiction, and disliking yourself and others) can restore your faith in man and plaster a smile on your face.

  5. kasheri

    I’m glad that you had such a great time. That sort of thing can give you such a wonderful, lasting buzz.

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