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  1. becauseshewas

    Cycle Werks at the Camp

  2. handstil

    for a mechanic or for purchase?

  3. klikitak


  4. sooz

    my coworker scottie told me i have to go to kings in seal beach because its the only place he will go

  5. the_angelmoroni

    if your going for trek, go 2 wheels 1 planet, they have the crossovers you are talking about, specifically the soho, su series, and the 7 series.

    however, when they sell you the trek, they’ll tell you how much trek sucks.

  6. cascadefailure

    Well, for the best deal and the biggest variety, there is a Trek superstore in San Diego.

    Rock-n-road just opened a new store in Irvine. The Irvine store is a Trek store and has a large selection of Trek bikes (if nothing else). They are up Sand Canyon, north of the 5 a couple miles. They are the close shop that is likely to have what you need. The other Rock N’ Road stores are not Trek specific.

    Kings in Seal Beach probably won’t have what you’re looking for. They cary more high end stuff and they are a small shop.

    Cycle Werks is also a tiny shop. They do cary Trek, but won’t have a very big selection. They might have something that they are trying to dump for less money.

    2 Wheels One Planet…well…you COULD go there. They do have a selection, but the kids that work there are more likely to sell you something than sell you something that fits. That place is not particularly well run and they have a tendency to forget to order things that you’ve already paid for.

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