7 responses to “I think the bottom part of the plunging somethingline is a zipper”

  1. dr_strych9

    ““The girls are representing the city, and we wanted them to look polished,” said Rochelle Veturis, director of media relations for B Scene Advertising.”

    The albedo on the winner is astoundingly representative of the Newport Beach I remember so well.

  2. gillen

    Looks like she’s got some version of the Leeloo Dalls outfit on underneath.

  3. handstil

    how to appear well-spoken? mmmkay…

  4. kasheri

    My mother once suggested that I compete for Miss Newport Beach. Apparently, you need some lofty society-someone to put your name forward, and she had a friend who was willing to do that. I told my mom that the only thing that I could think of that would be more humiliating than losing such a contest would be winning it. She didn’t suggest it again.

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