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  1. advorpt

    This is indeed made of *awesome*.

    Better toys for young America! Woot!

  2. halfjack


  3. mrhinelander


    Peace is our profession.

    I also like the spotlight which shines in the operator’s eyes, presumably right before the rearward-firing missile launches over his left shoulder and wipes out a supply division or two.

    Operator error, twelve years in Leavenworth.

  4. etb

    colorless green scientific actions

    But with whom — or what — does Scientific Action toy?

  5. jakeinhartsel

    Yes but are the missle nuclear tipped?

    Chemical warheads are just so old fashioned!

    1. mrhinelander

      Are you kidding?

      They’re multimode, dude! Nose cones interchange! That’s what kept the Hun at bay. That and our superlative rear echelon logistics, of course. Low “tooth to tail ratio”, baby. That was Saddam’s (and all dictator yahoo’s) problem, spent his money on his missiles and cheap radar dish installations, right next to his radar operators.

      “Operator actuated rearward-aimed missile when big spotlight shone in his eyes. This was in violation of Operation X-500 Procedure 14(b), ‘When big spotlight shines in your eyes, do not, DO NOT, actuate rearward-aimed missile.'”

      Two supply divisions were destroyed. Cause: Operator error. Twelve years in Leavenworth.

      1. jakeinhartsel

        Re: Are you kidding?

        Thats the trouble with Old Age it clouds your thinking, rather than the Army method of simply outlawing the thought process.

        Only two supply divisions, a good supply sargent could make up for that over a long weekend.

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