8 responses to “I don’t want to start any blasphemous Roombas”

  1. miss_geek

    i want to do the jetty thing, but only if we live because that would go GREAT with the rest of my book.

  2. mcfnord


    1. kafkateer

      AND HOW

      jesus this is so fucking funny. “the mexican restaurant was acceptable for its type but full of Americans” MYST. i died. you killed.

  3. cataptromancer

    (but I think that God’s got a saxon to hoover)

    Good point – I’d forgotten about the new MG. Just got it from Amazon now and am listening to it. Looks like “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” is going to be a big winner for me, although it would’ve been pretty hard for it not to be.

  4. vanmojo

    Hey C.

    Lemme know when you want to meet a watery fate at the Jetty this weekend. I will gladly join you…

    Do you have my new phone no.?

    mojo sends

  5. handstil

    its so sunny right now but we’re on ****STORM WATCH 2008***

    live doppler, we salute yoo.

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