6 responses to “February is the adjectivest month”

  1. eyeteeth

    How did it feel to see that kid?

  2. frozenrhino

    I’m just now getting over the flu. Next year, I’m getting the shot.

  3. catamorphism

    Have you ever met a ghost of yourself?

    Well, there’s this song… but I never have.

  4. handstil

    ya, the kid thing, totally. I have to drive to my childhood home and sit in the alley to peer through the fence to see her :(

  5. zebulon_y

    the Grippe

    caught it last night

    wheee head in vice, afraid to breathe, nonstop saliva

    sleeping 16 hours

  6. ahhhlisaaah

    When i’m not seeing a ghost of myself, I wonder what I would do if I suddenly woke up and I was still eight years old and all these decades have been nothing more then one hell of a dream….

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