9 responses to “Time to start borrowing from the neighbors.”

  1. sooz

    holy jesus.. you should look up my zipcode, i bet it’s like 1/5 that with dual incomes

    whoa i typo’d a lot trying to write that.

  2. klikitak


  3. monochromatism

    um hi

    FIRE. :)

  4. ganatronic

    goddamn it. I made 1/25 of that last year. what am I doing wrong with myself? I kind of am considering starting to steal..

    1. handstil

      you’re burdened with a little thing called integrity.

      1. ganatronic

        and also a really low work ethic. thanks mom!

  5. kitchen_life

    yowza! i’d love to know what the median income for our zipcode is.

  6. smokeysizzlebar

    Holy shit.

    My mortgage jumped $200 this month and I felt like someone had crotch-punched me when I looked at my statement online this morning…

    Must be nice not to notice little blips like that or to ever deal with overdraft charges.

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