10 responses to “A Late Decree in the Matter of the Feast of St. Valentine”

  1. hawthorntree

    Yes, and yes again. We will spend the day in contemplation, in the betterment of our neighborhoods, and in eating the traditional three layer chocolate cake. Yes.

  2. __procession

    uh oh.

    please don’t be offended if you get something in the mail! :(

  3. sooz

    but im going to wear a dress!

    1. nebris

      As opposed to that charming little ensemble you’re wearing in your icon? ;)


      1. sooz

        hah what im wearing under the dress is far more exciting than that.

        1. nebris

          Rule #32) You must have pictures to prove your statements ;D


          1. sooz

            there ARE pictures.. no where in that rule does it state that i have to share them with strangers on the interweb..

            what kind of lady would that make me ;P

    2. miss_geek

      and i’m going to wear heels!

  4. nebris

    Sounds good to me. =)


  5. superlaundrette

    hear hear!

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