9 responses to “Cave painting, suburban Southern California, late 90s to early 2000s.”

  1. hotelsamurai

    What’s that thing above the raccoon but below the skunk? Is it a swallows’ nest? The kind they make out of mud?

    1. hotelsamurai

      Something about the postures of the woman and the critters, and the spacing between figures, reminds me of hieroglyphics.

  2. sooz

    hehe i want animals in my house :D

  3. judgefudge


  4. coffeechica

    Her old man bought the wrong fireplace. :-(

  5. springheel_jack


  6. __procession

    take that broom into evidence.

    a witch! a witch! that woman is clearly possessed. she’s LEVITATING.

  7. klikitak

    That’s by far the UGLIEST fireplace I have ever seen. Animals should be her last worry.

  8. brainflak

    She just looks so very…defeated. As though she knows that no matter how much she flails with that broom a reeking, flaming raccoon is going to eat her eyeballs sooner rather than later.

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