1. halfjack

    Does it smell of burned engine oil? Bob is coming.

  2. nebris

    Well, Mercury did go Retrograde this week.


  3. tuliphead

    dunno if you need phone recommendations but i do really love my Blackjack.

    maybe you should take a pair of shoes, tie them together, and throw them over a power line near the house of someone you dislike. give the electricity spirits another target!

  4. anaisdjuna

    Hee hee…. Funny subject line :-)

  5. planetdracula

    well, mind control people would say it’s some guy with a satellite dish across the street fuckin’ up yr shit with his transmissions, but I’m saying “no” on that. The light bulbs however suggest you oughta have somebody check your wiring to me – that and the toaster? Some circuit’s overloading routinely I’d think, not actually knowing anything about this kinda thing tho.

  6. eyeteeth

    Maybe Zuse killed your Tytns with a Thndrb0lt.

    1. threepunchstuff

      I had to put on a little dress for how much this made me giggle and feel wee. WHEEE.

  7. sachmet

    You have to re-capture the Elebits to make them happy again!

    1. kasheri

      Great icon. DG’s Lemonhead rules!

  8. jakeinhartsel

    I would guess that it has been a long time since you either sacrificed a fatted lamb or drank a toast to Bacchus.

  9. skepticle

    Looks like you are the victim of the Pauli effect.


  10. sakkaranoush

    You’ve got to do the electrical safety dance to appease the angry electrical spirits! You can toast if you want to…you can leave your toast behind…

  11. hotelsamurai

    1. Trap a raccoon or opossum.
    2. Drive to your local substation.
    3. Release the poor critter inside the fence.
    4. Once it has been fried by the transformer, causing a major outage, the electricity gods will be appeased.

  12. culfinglin

    from the ‘if nothing else works…’ category

    try making a little shrine to every deity connected to electricity and lightning you can think of, then leave small offerings of shiny metal things.

    hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

  13. loose_joints

    dude. i have no idea. my dvd player broke this week and my keyboard is also broken. observe the lack of caps. and my alarm clock shut itself off.

    please advise when you figure out the juju.

  14. sooz

    whoa.. thats never happened to me.. electricity loves me :(

  15. ganatronic

    Sunspots, man. They affect things all the damn time. I blame them all the time.

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