13 responses to “St. Trichinella and the Jackasstronauts: A Tragedie in Two Partes”

  1. hydrozoa

    points for tragedie and affluenza.

  2. fattmike

    “I got a bottle of vodka, some pumpernickel bread, and some cold cuts.”

    What, no borscht? :D

  3. mightywings

    The phrasing of your memories of Paris is beautiful.

    1. jakeinhartsel

      I don’t know Paris is so small you can walk anywhere. My memories of Paris are the roasted chestnuts, crepes from a street vendor, couscous on the left bank and a glass of wine in one of the many sidewalk cafes. And of course the Louvre which a mere mortal can not do justice to in a mere lifetime.

  4. jakeinhartsel

    “There had been another recent case where a kid had died on his 16th birthday because dad gave him a very fast sports car, and more recently an 18 year old girl had checked out after the Porsche she was piloting struck a fixed object at 100 mph.”

    The nice thing about this problem is that it tends to solve itself!

  5. sooz

    that was a lovely dinner..

    also you can tell i spent a large portion of my adolescence in OC.. the day i got my plastic license in the mail, i got a speeding over 100 mph ticket

    1. fweebles

      There’s a new-ish law here that anyone caught doing more than 50 km/h over the speed limit (so, 30 mph over) is an automatic loss of license and loss of vehicle for seven days, and a fine of up to $10K.

      I think the third person caught under this rule was a 17-year-old girl who explained she was driving her parents’ car. The cops’ reaction was, “Well, I guess you’ll have fun explaining to your mom where her car went for a week then.”

  6. loose_joints

    I love your description of the supermarket. Also, affluenza is my new favorite made up word.

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