17 responses to “What should I download from eMusic this month?”

  1. catamorphism

    I don’t know what you can get from eMusic, but random things I recommend:

    Billy Bragg: “Sexuality”, “The Few”, “Accident Waiting to Happen”, or “North Sea Bubble”
    Hugh Blumenfeld: more or less anything from his albums Barehanded or Mozart’s Money
    Stan Rogers: anything except For the Family
    Ana Egge: “River Under the Road”

  2. obnoxicant

    crippled pilgrims!

  3. microbie

    Knowing nothing about your taste in music, I offer semi-random ideas: “Blue,” by Lucinda Williams; “All Just to Get to You,” Joe Ely; “Justice for All,” Dale Watson.

  4. maps_or_guitars

    All of the following is definitely on emusic.

    If you haven’t already, go listen to New Radiant Storm King. The new one, “The Steady Hand,” is lovely. Heck, get it all if you can. If you have just one song left, go to “leftover blues” and download “subway token save my soul.”

    If there’s anything left after all that, I really like what Michael Gira’s been doing with Angels of Light. “We are Him” is really really good.

  5. planetdracula

    I write for emusic sometimes and I have one of the old-school subs as a result (i.e., I get an assload of downloads per month). Recently I got an album of Chinese music called Yin Xiang . Liu San Jie ] Zhi . Le (Music Of Impression Sanjie Liu) which is completely great & even better if you Google “Sanjie Liu” and find out what these guys are writing about.

    If you don’t have Graeme Downes’s “Hammers & Anvils” that’s a neglected gem.

  6. ortho_bob

    ’70s stuff: the first three Neu albums, Amon Duul’s Yeti, Phallus Dei and Wolf City.
    ’07 stuff: Burial, Box Cutter and Colleen.

  7. poncif

    peter case and david perales, thank you st. jude. lovely way to remember some of his older stuff.

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