9 responses to “For now is the time for your tears”

  1. caladri

    I really like when you use that icon.

  2. planetdracula

    I remember reading about this story in the context of O.C. politics, and feeling so far away from that whole world – I grew up in Claremont but left in ’95. Among the many worst parts is the three year span between the arrest and the conviction – I assume they spent that time free on bail. Ah, Orange County – bringin’ the best traditions of American class politics to the coast!

  3. eyeteeth

    God, that’s upsetting. Your subject line says it all.

  4. trinnit
  5. nicholasjamesb

    For now is the time for your tears.. I’m thinking Dylan, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol???

  6. springheel_jack

    He kept the cell warm for daddy.

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