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  1. catamorphism

    Um, wow. Just the photo in that article is scary. I remember when she looked cute or hot rather than “wearing a frightening amount of makeup and hairspray”.

    1. kasheri

      Terrific icon! 80’s Berkeley Breathed was awesome.

      1. catamorphism

        iawtc :-)

  2. miss_geek

    i think i want that.

  3. yoscott

    DUDE! thanks for posting this…

    I saw the 5 words and I was like “yeah thats gonna suck” and then i previewed the site and they said “the album is going to drop” Whenever they say an album is going to drop… that HAS to be secret underground code for “this piece of shit is going to be foisted on the public whether they like it or not”

    Now i just need to figure out the secret underground code for “this album is going to change the way you think about music in a good way.” not that anything in the last 30 years has that effect.

  4. handstil

    her voice is bloody awful.

  5. whitegato

    maybe its good.
    more likely its a sign of the apocalypse.

    i wonder what tom waits has to say.

    1. p0tat0es

      Apparently he had to read about it in the paper.

  6. fengi

    Thing is, it may be an advantage if she’s just a technically adequate singer, because if one can ape the growling and the persona, it could be merely “not bad” instead of “travesty.” Tom’s really gracious about it, too.

    Tom Waits: I don’t know if I’m excited to hear it, but I’m curious. People make songs so that somebody else will hear them and want to do them. I guess it’s an indication that the songs aren’t so ultra-personal that they can’t possibly be interpreted by anyone else. I’ve seen her in movies. I don’t know what she’s going to do with the tunes. When you get a hold of somebody else’s song, you make it your own. That’s all you can do. And that usually requires a certain amount of tailoring. Cut the sleeves off, lay some buttons. Everybody does something different to a song, that’s the tradition.

  7. Anonymous

    Hollywood unoriginality is the Fifth Horseman

    I just see no other outcome for this album than soul suckingly bad. Jesus, I just got a brainache imagining her singing “Warm beer…cold women…”. And “Summertime”? Does this woman have no friends to give her the reality check she apparently needs? Thanks, Conrad, for further lowering my expectations of music these days. :)

  8. hotelsamurai


  9. sooz

    dude i dont care if it’s mediocre i love her :P

  10. namja

    I wonder if she drinks the coffee at Ihop.

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