14 responses to “writer’s bonk: Edward Hopper on the 560 to Lakeview Terrace”

  1. frozenrhino

    Dont try to weave this into a story or essay.

    Use each one of these as the first sentence.

  2. maps_or_guitars

    What frozenrhino said. Each of these feel like its own story.

    Then we gotta record Watt reading all of ’em in his deepest “liberal man meets conservative man” voice.

  3. planetdracula

    All of these resonate with me fiercely. I think the trick to L.A. is that it is bits and snapshots. Trying to write it as if it were a clean or true narrative is a dicey proposition.

  4. studeronomy

    I would read anything you write, in any form.

  5. loose_joints

    Shitty parts of town are dark. The streetlights are weak and few. Even in the day time a place like East Hollywood or Hyde Park is dark somehow.

    This line really got me. Shiver-up-my-spine got me because its so true.

    Keep at it, soldier. I would love to read what you come up with.

  6. namja

    I live in what i guess is a ghetto part of Dallas these days, and I have to say not having a car for a month made walking in it a necessity. What I noticed was it’s MUCH more of a community to the pedestrians. People you would lock your car door right in front of are friendly, and usually do have a story or at least a good joke or two to tell you.

  7. etb

    This reminds me of some advice I heard on the Blue Line a couple of years ago, when I was visiting LA for a week (in which I never once got in a car):

    “Ignorant, stupid, or indifferent, you got to enjoy yourself. … We shouldn’t be against each other. There’s enough money in this country for everyone. … His problem is, he’s always lookin’ behind him.”

  8. eyeteeth

    This is great and I always want you to write more, MOAR so I’m happy about that. Also I like the term “writer’s bonk.”

  9. daisyhunter

    When that happens to me, haiku often works. Something about conveying an idea in a limited number of words in such a rigid structure, breaks the block and gets it flowing again. Reverse psych maybe?

  10. green_left_eye

    Please continue. I am a long-time walker/bus rider in Los Angeles, and you’re getting it more or less perfectly.

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