8 responses to “I haven’t been writing as much lately”

  1. eyeteeth

    It would take several shelf-feet of books to truly explain the convergence of phenomena I just witnessed. That was neat!

  2. nicholasjamesb

    Pachebel’s canon is one of the few pieces of classical music I detest with body and soul – I truly hate it for some reason – so I was unable to watch the entire vid!

    1. steph99

      high-five. unforgivably smaltzy, uninteresting, cloying, pandering, and overrated. I also lacked the fortitude to make it past about 45 seconds. Similar feelings of unslaked hatred for Fur Elise.

    2. nosrialleon

      It’s becuz:

  3. judgefudge

    appropriated this link for my own journal

  4. amicablebitch

    i love pachelbel’s canon. and breakdancing!

  5. anaisdjuna

    Though your voice is one to be missed….

    You are SO forgiven for your truancy. This is rad hot!

  6. patahistorian

    That was so effin’ cool.

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