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  1. kiteflier98

    I wonder if that’s anything remotely like being tested for carpal tunnel. That was a bitch, too. Like you said – yecch.

  2. judgefudge

    The funny thing is that it did me no good for finding out my problem. I’ve got ulnar tunnel syndrome, which apparently is very obvious given my symptoms – the first doctor I didn’t see had no clue when I described them, and then made me ouchy with the EMG, and said my nerve conductivity was ‘fine’ – the second and third opinions I had said “Ulnar Tunnel” with some basic squeezing type tests.

    1. judgefudge

      so unless the test is hard wired to check for carpal tunnel or something, I think the first doctor was a tool.

  3. mendel

    Oh, wow, small world. I think that’s what ‘s been subjected to lately too.

    1. coffeechica

      Yep, the same thing. Ig, you have my sympathies for having to go through that. Twice.

      Glad to hear the conductivity is fine, though!

  4. brainflak


    Perhaps you’re just not aware of it, but I’ve always heard very loud static when you used your muscles. I assumed it had to do with your super powers. Made it hard to hear you play the piano, though.

  5. maps_or_guitars

    Only a matter of time before that’s turned into a musical instrument. einsturzende mybody!

  6. trinnit

    I’ve had 2, the first was “inconclusive”

    After the 2nd, I said “I don’t care no more”

  7. theslatch

    pagging dr fun

    It’s amazing how much pain you’ll deal with in order to not have any pain.

    Hang in there!
  8. kasheri

    “I swear to practice and prescribe to the best of my ability for the good of my patients, and to try to avoid harming them” and to stick them with needles when it amuses me to do so.

  9. kerebearus

    Dude. EMG sucks. I have had it 2 times. I was supposed to have one final before my settlement, but I was newly pregnant and they thought it would be too much stress for the baby. Does that say anything about how painful it is or what? Glad all nerve conduction is working for you though. I hope they figure out the problem soon. The diagnostic guessing game is awful when you are in pain.

  10. eyeteeth

    (normal nerve conductivity)++

    You should remix that static and turn it into the club track backing those pulsating images of your brain.

    1. besskeloid

      Re: (normal nerve conductivity)++

      Those animations still scare me, especially when TEH EYSE pop through.

      Glad all that electrosadism’s over for now, Con!

  11. dorothy_parka

    man, i hate that thing. sometimes i think the doctors that administer it enjoy it a little too much.

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