19 responses to “zzzzz music industry? zzzzz”

  1. miss_geek

    better than another starfucks?

    1. maps_or_guitars

      I forget what they’re doing with the one in the East Village. (Somehow I never walk that way.) If I had to guess it would be a Chase Bank (there isn’t another one for a whole block) a Starbucks, or just another block of LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS. Or a nail salon.

      I think that by the end of the decade, you will be able to walk from the Battery to the Bronx without ever leaving a Luxury Condominium. As it is, you only have to hop over a few gaps.

  2. hoyvenmayven

    The Tower here (located in a primo spot) became one of those places that sells horrible garish tchotchkes and donates the proceeds to fight AIDS. It was horrible Christmas tchotchkes for a while. Not sure what it’s going to be now…

  3. caladri

    Same thing happened in Honolulu. I was sad. I got my first Ryuichi Sakamoto fix and my last Paddy McAloon fix there. They had such a great import and cutout bin.

  4. kniwt

    I want a new drug
    One that wont make me sick
    One that wont make me crash my car
    Or make me feel three feet thick

  5. twatgrrl

    That is so disappointing.
    I was really hoping for it to be a roller rink again, or just something fun to do.

  6. burntcurtis

    I think that is wonderful! If someone needs epicac or GAS-X from an eating binge at Fight Club Del Taco, don’t you feel safer with a Walgreens nearby?

  7. klikitak

    Roller Rink> Liquor Barn> Tower Records> WALGREENS?!

    Man, FUNK DAT.

    1. nicholasjamesb

      well at least Black Flys and the lamp store are still in business…

  8. jonpants

    That’s what they did to the old Tower here too. It’s a Walgreens. And next to that they are opening a Best Buy.

  9. steph99

    interesting, exactly the same exchange here (phl) on our hipster commerce main drag, South Street. CONSPIRACY? Was a 3-story monster, now just lots of nail polish and bath puffs on one floor. Another tower is an fye, and the book annex has been gone long enough that i can’t remember what it turned into.

  10. la_lisa

    Virgin no more

    the Virgin Megastore on sunset blvd is gone now too..and the Schwabs signage that was there when I was a child (and for decades before) eventually moved atop the eponymous overpriced diner at Sunset and Vine which is now a Kabuki pseudoshi restaurant.

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