7 responses to “ticketmonster”

  1. dreamyshade

    ooh, i want to go! maybe i will investigate getting my hairs pulled by this ticketmaster thingy.

  2. nosrialleon

    I noticed that when I bought Boredoms tix the other day…

  3. salome_st_john

    I think they are hoping you, the un-savvy consumer, will go O NOES THE US POSTAL SERVICE WHAT IF THEY LOSES MY TICKETZ NO RECOURSE OF ACTIONZ. And so you go, ah fuck, $2, what’s the big deal on top of all the other bullshit fees, might as well, then I have them right away and don’t have to worry about any of that mail nonsense, because I mean, who gets mail anyway, at least mail that’s not crammed into the farthest recesses of the mailbox by the angry and shriveled mail delivery troll.

    But you probably knew this.

  4. maeve66

    This is the second post tonight that made me laugh out loud. Thank you. Are they playing in the Bay Area, do you know?

  5. kasheri

    I tell you, I really need my spline adjusted. That would be just the ticket!

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe the next step should be a hard drive search for downloaded music, followed by a pop-up auto-sue device that charges you $150,000.

    And if you don’t have unlicensed music, they charge you $30 for verifying your conformance.

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