13 responses to “Sheriff Carona resigns… via blog!”

  1. marieoroumania

    Is this the only way he’s announced his resignation so far? Holy crap.

  2. springheel_jack

    I like the end, where, in the pre-undead state, he threatens one day to return to public life.

  3. miss_geek

    isn’t it neat? just heard the news on the kpcc :)

    1. marieoroumania

      Good choice in listening material! :)

  4. marieoroumania

    How would it have looked if he had resigned via Twitter?

    woah line at 711 super long lol. btw am resigning lol. l8
    about 3 hours ago from txt

    1. salome_st_john


  5. klikitak

    Hopefully Chris Street is next?

  6. nebris

    How 21st Century of him. ;P


  7. marieoroumania

    I just interviewed him. I started feeling really horrible for him about halfway through. For my next trick, I will make down up and red blue.

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