6 responses to “Email from someone I did business with maybe two years ago?”

  1. Anonymous

    Ok, “Brouzoufs” can mean “money” in French (like “buck” can mean “dollar” or “money” in American English), but in this case, “brouzoufs” is the name of the fidelity point of the t-shirt sales website LaFraise.com. That’s all. Maybe they reward you for the buy of one of their article.
    They DO NOT owe you 222 euros :D

  2. Anonymous

    By the way, I found on the french website that 222 brouzoufs = 2,22 € ;-)

    http://www.lafraise.com/contest.php?op=lafraise_faq&lang=fr for any information (but in French… I didn’t succeed to find the US version)
    And sorry for my poor English

  3. maria_sputnik

    The whole message (if you don’t read French?) is something like

    Whoops! We’re sorry! The server ate too much [Christmas food] which made us late sending you these brouzoufs. Our little hands have been hard at work on the problem which is now resolved: so here’re your 222 brouzoufs.

    With all sorts of excuses!
    Talk to you soon [REDACTED]

  4. jakeinhartsel

    Collect all the Euros that you can, considering what the smoldering shrub is doing to the dollar, Eusros make sense.

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