9 responses to “Nick and I came up with some book ideas last night”

  1. zebulon_y


    flashing back now

    [paints face, hides behind desk]

  2. cataptromancer


    1. nosrialleon


  3. handstil

    i miss sitting in the background and marveling while you and nick talk about things/people.

    1. miss_geek

      that’s what the new/old patio is for!

  4. culfinglin

    The Templars, 9/11, and God’s Promise for Your New Life after Divorce — i’m playing assassin’s creed and am divorced — does that count?

  5. kafkateer

    willing to be interviewed but only in starbucks

    hey i could give you great insights into suburban housewifery. i yearn to explain how my pants got wet.

  6. createdestiny

    This is a riot! Thanks.

  7. gcrumb

    Typo in the first one, corrected here:

    Hitler’s Secret Templars: Your Success Advantage for Life

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