16 responses to “Weekend update: Patio Pest News”

  1. odradak

    Rotten Slimy Son Of A Bitch

    I don’t suppose the cops could maybe go through his video collection…

    1. daisyhunter

      Re: Rotten Slimy Son Of A Bitch

      yeah, if he is in the pokey, what *did* happen to the photos and videos

  2. cascadefailure

    I got a slightly different story for one of the cigar guys yesterday…that he was in jail for buying/picking up weed for “someone else.”

  3. pilarcruz

    who is this

  4. miss_geek

    which one is this?

    1. cascadefailure

      Peg-leg Tom (peddler of leather goods and former voyeuristic manager of apartments).

      1. miss_geek

        that’s very interesting… i think i’ve been out of the loop for a long time because i don’t know any code names =P

        1. cascadefailure

          You’d know him if you saw him. He was always showing up in his old green mercedes and his leather jacket, and he sat with the cigar guys. He was always trying to talk patio girls into modeling his leather jackets and pants for his “catalog”.

          1. miss_geek

            oh that guy! nice.

  5. besskeloid


  6. klikitak

    HOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHIT! Wasn’t I just asking about Tom?

  7. gostargo

    hole eff.
    i’m kind of shocked it took that long for someone to figure it out!

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