1. pizzapirates

    I am so confused.
    Thanks for adding us to your friends list.

  2. anaisdjuna

    Happy New Year, substitute!

    Much love and joy to you and yours… and neuro-health!

  3. autodidactic

    okay, i gotta know if i’m doing this right

    This little clip made me feel incredibly depressed; the camel’s trying to be kind and get the midget dude up on his back, but the midget dude is laughing at the silly-looking animal?

    Or is it that he’s realizing even if the camel stoops down, there’s just no fucking way? And he’s laughing at himself/the situation?

    Or do I need to just sit down and watch the whole thing and scratch my head like I did with Holy Mountain?

    1. ganatronic

      Re: okay, i gotta know if i’m doing this right

      I thought maybe the camel has arthritis, and can’t stand up. And the midget’s a jerk.

  4. brianenigma

    In response, I would be posting the scene from later in the movie with that same midget revving a motorcycle, but teh internets has failed me. Nobody has that clip.

  5. mcfnord

    i love werner herzog

  6. nicholasjamesb

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