12 responses to “weekend update”

  1. pbd

    My doctor gave me celebrex. I am afraid to take it though since he said it is the equivalent of 16 aleve. That seems a little overkill for my taste.

  2. burntcurtis

    I may be at home on NY as well. Maybe I will do a drive by champagning.

  3. maps_or_guitars

    Silly . Everybody knows you don’t toast cats with champagne. You use the broiler.

  4. dorothy_parka

    i’m going to ask a stupid question–have you tried professional massage for your shoulder? i had sciatica this year–not so bad that i couldn’t walk, but i had to stop running, and it hurt all the time. i went to the dr.. got xrays (showed nothing), had physical therapy for 2 months, but it didn’t get better. I got a massage and had immediate relief that lasted until i got my next massage, 2 weeks later. it may not completely resolve the problem like it did for me, but it might help a little.

  5. salome_st_john

    When I come back, can you and sooz and I please go to Lakshmi? I would like that.

    1. daisyhunter

      Ditto. It has literally been years since I’ve been there.

  6. dandysandymae

    Hey, that’s my plan too.

    Only I’ll be toating my cat, not your’s.


    Happy New Year

    1. dandysandymae

      Or mabe I’ll toast her.

      Toating is really overrated.

  7. firepower

    “And agreeing about things!”

    Happy new year.

  8. trinnit

    Will you be sleeping in the goldfish pond

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