4 responses to “From E.B. White, 1952”

  1. mononeuron

    How utterly, totally, unredeemingly anti-american! With all that happy-happy-joy-joy good-fskin’ cheer, when’s a body to do their part to support the president to support the truups, to ensure the iranian flying saucers are kept at bay to prevent them returning and doing another 9/11 on us?

    And when’s there some time to bomb canada to sure the ongoing future safety of our great nation, secure from threats canadian and domestic!

    > To captains of river boats on snowy mornings
    > we send an answering toot at this holiday time.

    How’s ’bout captains and pilots who crash container ships into a bridge pier when they’ve gotta “thread the needle”, getting their 130-foot-wide boat thru a 2100 foot wide gap underneath a bridge that’s been where it’s been form 70 years? Do we send them good cheer for dumping 58,000 gallons of toxic waste (aka: “bunker fuel”) into one of the most treasured habitats in the country?

    We gonna share the love with him?

    ‘Specially when the coasties warned him, loud and clear that “you’re headed into the bridge pier.”

    Love-love-joy-joy for him too?

  2. cataptromancer

    God damn that is good, good, good.

  3. torgo_x

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