6 responses to “in my ol’ 55”

  1. yoscott


  2. berg74

    Torrey Pines State Park

  3. loose_joints

    Eagerly anticipate my arrival?
    No. Eat cheese. Lots of cheese.

  4. rpkrajewski

    Legoland in Carlsbad, although that might be too far out of the way…

  5. kitchen_life

    Hillcrest is always nice, not too far from Balboa Park. Bread and Cie there is fantastic for a coffee or a sweet something. and a few streets over is a decent record store (according to Johan), one street off from 5th, and near the Rite Aid. And Little Italy is good for walking around and people watching. We walked through our own Little Italy last night, so different from San Diego’s!

  6. la_lisa

    The Dead Sea Scrolls are at the museum for a few more days. Great exhibition.

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