21 responses to “Brains on film”

  1. anaisdjuna

    THAT! is cool!

    i hope they get your med issues sorted soon!

  2. springheel_jack


  3. mr_flippant

    The T-1000 is you!

  4. rivetpepsquad


    Thanks for sharing.

  5. odradak

    Hey! I know him!

  6. jamie_miller

    These are excellent. In fact, I would like to make a music video with them, but I cannot convert animated GIFs to video format. Would you be willing to post a ZIP or RAR of the image files?

  7. uncleanton

    how strongly do you self-identify with those images? do you recognize yourself in them or might it as well be someone else?

  8. handstil

    freakin. awesome.

    uh, way, way freakin awesome.

  9. jpeace

    Your myelencephalon is fat, fatty.

  10. fattmike

    So THAT’S why we dream in black and white ;)

    Here’s hoping for good stuff to follow!

  11. ganatronic

    I can confirm that it doesn’t really flow with early Bee Gees.

    I like how your nose crosses over in that one frame.

  12. djfntstque

    I miss you :-(

  13. ofmonsters


    My friend linked me to this post of yours. Your brain looks nice and healthy—at least from what I can see. I have a bunch of MRIs in which my brain looks like Swiss Cheese (I have Multiple Sclerosis). How did you do this (using the software you’ve listed above)? It’s damn cool…

  14. ofmonsters

    I’ve looked at them all. I can’t see anything wrong with your brain. Hope this is the case…


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