Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit, originally uploaded by Angie Naron.


10 responses to “Bon Appetit”

  1. dmlaenker


  2. drieuxster

    oh that is not right….

    but it should become the poster-child for national security…

  3. ganatronic

    I get it: the eyes will help you to do the right thing and eat a balanced breakfast.

  4. kasheri

    One must wonder just who shall eat whom…

  5. mononeuron

    I can’t eat food that looks back at me.

    Especially when it blinks.

    Or cries.

    Mommie, make it stop!!

  6. mcpino

    …perhaps I am the only one to notice the silverware has no eyes?

    1. jenlight

      I was going to mention that!

      It seems unfair somehow.

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