4 responses to “Late night youtube nostalgia”

  1. tuliphead

    mmm, xtc

    someone’s been reading my last.fm post. :)

  2. advorpt

    Wow. That takes me back…way back. Wow.

  3. explosivo

    Such a fantastic song. Such a fantastic time in my life. Saw TRB here in LA in that era… “Martin” is my favorite :)

  4. tuliphead

    Re: mmm, xtc

    ok, that probably seemed like a weird comment from me, but when this post of yours loaded on my page, above the video embed i saw a lastfm embed that listed a bunch of xtc tracks!

    i assumed it was yours, and thought, oh, i’ve been listening to them too!

    now that i reload, i don’t see that embed at all – just the video – so i dunno wtf that was all about; i was apparantly seeing my own embed, in your post. i hadn’t even looked at the video yet! must’ve been a glitch in the tubes. anyway, sorry!

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