9 responses to “this move as a black stripe?”

  1. skepticle

    Holy crack! That’s good stuff!

  2. jpeace

    I got a weird bit of thread necromancy a while back, but I don’t think it was a bot. :(

  3. pilarcruz


  4. jamie_miller

    Es tanzt das Zet-En-Es!

  5. cataptromancer

    With SUP, I think we can all look forward to more of this.

  6. maps_or_guitars

    “night nerves treplet me” has a feel of timor mortis conturbat me about it, doesn’t it.

  7. mizducky

    Now I’m feeling all verklempt.

    (That really is a damn fine hunk of found poetry.)

  8. llamech

    Not the only one! Also: zadvigi zadvigi zadvigi

    I was trying to figure out what the heck a zadvigi (permanent or otherwise) might be, and found this:


    Google pointed to a third url with the same text, but it’s 404.

    Also, I asked a Russian acquaintance what ‘zadvigi’ meant, and it’s apparently a band:


  9. klikitak

    slvshaniya is her name, smoking ‘da opium is her game.

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