14 responses to “MAYBE THEY’LL FIND THE “PROBLEM””

  1. advorpt

    Yow! Definitely need to make a new BRANE icon, then.

    (hope everything is okay though…mri and all…eek…)

  2. vanbeast

    a friend of mine had an MRI last summer and they gave her the raw files right off the scanner. They’re in a weird format, but relatively easy to convert. So fun :)

  3. sooz


  4. loose_joints

    T NATZ: Good luck with brainz! All systems go to dopamine zone! Fire all thrusters on cortex! BEYOND!

  5. kasheri

    Remember to spit out your magnetic chewing gum before they start.

  6. explosivo


  7. stimps

    Avoid nurses carrying chain saws.

    I hope you’re ok, and if they find anything, that it’s a whistle you swallowed when you were four years old. =)

  8. dreamyshade

    yeah, pix or it didn’t happen!!!

  9. drieuxster

    more importantly…

    get the musical….

    nothing says loving like the voices in one’s head becoming the next high school musical…

    remember to have fun.

  10. chthonicsiren

    Hey I did that shit!!!

    They didn’t find “the problem.” Damnation.

  11. hensatc

    If you get e-films

    versiontracker up osirix
    its bad ass
    its FOSS
    yay pissed off radiologists who can code

  12. monochromatism

    Make sure to leave the bobby-pins at home.

  13. mcpino

    Good luck!

  14. crucially

    just tell them, before the MRI, that your doctor wants a CD copy of the result, they will promptly burn a CD for you, and then you can import it and animate it

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