10 responses to “flags and tags”

  1. hotelsamurai

    Hm. Interesting take. What’s the “tag problem”?

  2. gcrumb

    “With the current U.S. legal environment I doubt LJ has many alternatives. If someone wanted to check out the LJ code and build one in Belarus or something, it might take off as a refuge from this kind of thing.”

    pricks up his ears….

  3. threepunchstuff

    What you’re telling me, then, what you’re saying, is that this free voluntary website is not going to come for my father in the night like the Soviets did.

    Is that what you’re saying.

  4. mcfnord

    lj implementations of controversial features usually impresses me

  5. studeronomy

    Is there a new limit on tags?

  6. advorpt


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