Still the gold standard in suburban bleak

suburban desert dwelling, originally uploaded by mannydiller.

Manny Diller’s series of suburban Phoenix photos needs to be a book.

7 responses to “Still the gold standard in suburban bleak”

  1. jakeinhartsel

    Well the big plus is the owner isn’t wasting a lot of valuable water on a lawn!

  2. compilerbitch

    I was just thinking, wow, that looks like Phoenix, when I read the caption!

    I have friends there, so I visit occasionally, but the summers there are frankly downright frightening. The place isn’t really human habitable.

  3. handstil

    I LOVE suburban home photography.
    This dude is a favorite;

  4. dr_strych9

    Not bleak enough. Needs bars on the windows. The kind that don’t open from the inside.

  5. vegemitelover

    I am wondering if those posts are the metal kind. I could see some kids making a habit using this front yard as an alternate path through the neighborhood. I’m not speaking from experience or anything.

    On another point, having lived in VegASS when I when I was 10, the scary part about a yard like this is that you actually have to weed it on a regular basis to retain it’s pristine dismal state.

  6. berg74

    If it wasn’t for the catus it could have been Garden Grove

  7. smokeysizzlebar

    I’d live there.

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