4 responses to “A follow-up from our investigative reports desk”

  1. nom_de_grr

    Wow, he created an account for the express purpose of beefing with you. Couldn’t he just as easily have commented without the extra trouble of uploading a dopey picture of himself?

    1. besskeloid

      That wouldn’t have been nearly as funny.

  2. anaisdjuna

    Kick Ass Chilton icon!!!!

    Totally sums up his money grubbing in one visual. :-)

  3. vanmojo

    You know, thanks to the mighty tubes of the internets, we can subject ourselves to the wonders of modern science once exclusively reserved for full page ads in the once illustrious Weekly World News, where ascended masters and brilliant geo-chemi-psycho-neuro-physi-histo-anthro-docktors could announce bravely to to the world that they had found the names of bad luck (by the way it’s Lormo, 1 and 2 apparently).

    Someone ask him if it runs on Orgone energy… This stuff is just priceless. It just goes to show, you cannot go broke overestimating the gullibility of typical seeker. This is the finest in skull farming, I especially like the part where his harmony chip will fix your problem buildings… this is going make me laugh all day…

    mojo sends

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