12 responses to “This Saturday at the Island Hotel here in Newport!”

  1. klikitak

    What is the Claremont Institute? Any affiliation to the extremely liberal Colleges? Can’t be right!

    1. daisyhunter

      According to the internets, some/most of them were educated at the Claremont Colleges but the “institute” doesn’t have a direct affiliation with them. Also, J’s family is so intrenched over there, I’m *sure* I would have heard about these people at some point.

  2. dmlaenker

    Pat Sajak is actually pretty conservative. I don’t know if it happened as a result of being conditioned to or inoculated against the people on Wheel, but….

    1. klikitak

      That’s right! I forgot that I saw his interview in this documentary:


  3. klikitak

    Also: Hope Pat says something snarky like…”Give me a “D” for Dick. Oops, just kidding over there, Cheney.”

  4. studeronomy

    More Pat than you can pat:

  5. manoman

    How bad can it get.

  6. comandanteagi

    Oy. I think Winston Churchill will be rolling in his grave tonight.

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