11 responses to “Hello, Jeanketeers!”

  1. catamorphism

    I never thought I’d see the phrase “They like to smoke the ganja!” in the OC Register.

  2. jpeace

    BREAKING: bad service had at gimmicky tourist trap; tits

  3. salome_st_john

    new favorite tag


  4. handstil

    Nobody enjoys Sublime. I will not believe it.

    $40 cover charge?!?!

  5. djfntstque

    re: Sutra

    Once my old roommate – the one who I wasn’t friends with – came back from a late night at Sutra. All she said was “Urrm, there’s evil there.”

  6. klikitak

    You know what type of “guy” consumes fatty taco’s there?


    Yes, Hobie. HOBIE!!

    1. cascadefailure

      I shouldn’t admit this…but I’ve actually smoked the ganja with Hobie. (Please note: This was a very long time ago…a very VERY long time ago.)

  7. seriesfinale

    Despite the steep drink prices, this “joint” really has a lot of tasty concoctions to choose from.

    Best part

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