7 responses to “Headline of the Day: News from the Front”

  1. vanmojo

    Boy… the jokes just write themselves, don’t they…

    mojo sends

  2. miss_geek

    well i guess things will get better now that dorko’s in charge.

  3. chthonicsiren

    Finally, some honesty.

  4. threepunchstuff

    All praise belongs to Dorko.

  5. jpeace

    “It’s pronounced “Dor-kwah”, asshole.”

    x 3920 times in his life.

  6. drieuxster

    Self Referentialism is so late seventies…

    I mean, dude, get over that whole failed Godel, Escher, Bach phase of your life…

  7. sixredcities

    Two reasons to feel sorry for the guy, in one article.

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