5 responses to “Where’d you go? You okay?”

  1. nom_de_grr

    Maybe the sleeper has awakened.

  2. burntcurtis

    “Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sandworm that day, I’ll tell you!”

  3. handstil

    eeep! *worried/sad face*

  4. alienhand

    funny you wrote that. im halfway through ‘The Road To Dune’

  5. gillen

    Kumquat Haagen-Daz?

    “You must choose the name by which you shall be known among the people.”
    “That small shadow on the second moon… the one that looks like a mouse. What do you call that?”
    “Er… we call that ‘Muad-dib’, but it’s not a very goo-“
    “Then I shall be known as Paul Muad-dib!”
    “Uh… tell you what… we shall call you ‘Usul’.”
    ::kids make ‘u’ shapes on their foreheads and shout ‘USUL!’::

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